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wealth through bright innovation
Innovative network approach
Behind Lanell Innovation is Niels Stenfeldt – a global senior executive with a strong global network and advisors that together can bring some of the best consulting skills to create a team customized to meeting your specific needs.
  How we add value
The Lanell Infinity Model focuses on the organization's ability to stay innovative. Through our 7 phases we ensure that the cycle time from idea to implementation is accelerated. Click here to preview the Lanell Innovator™.

Out-innovate competition
The company's opportunity in a downsizing market lies in the processes of strategic and innovative thinking. Lanell Innovation help companies in the process of developing and elaborating ideas into commercially viable business propositions. Our price model supports our visionary views - click here.


Lanell Innovation has through our extensive network access to some of best coaches in Europe - Click here.

Ready for the future?
Let us give you some input - here.



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