Lanell to support Aperitia in First Round Financing who are combining AI and legal content and turning paradigms on its head.

Lanell are pleased to announce its status as co-founder and equity partner in Aperitia that combines AI and legal content. The thesis is simple; when it comes to responding to customer demands when developing and deploying workflows, service providers and developer have always been one step behind. They analyzed requirements, request, and trends and responded to them. But the time lag is significant, and often costly. Aperitia is all about changing this.

Niels Stenfeldt explains: “Although Aperitia still are operating in stealth mode, the company have proven that it with Artificial intelligence (AI) can turn the paradigms on its head, ushering in a whole new era for the legal tech industry, so it was an easy solution to support the company“. The ambitious goal is to transform the way companies operate, the services they offer, their relationship with customers and the ability to make decisions.

The emergence of AI is nothing less than a major disruption for our industry and was recognized at the World Economic Forum 2017 as the driving force behind the fourth industrial revolution.

Co-founder and industry veteran, Jens Sømod Birk, is pleased with the current progress; “We are right now combining the tools with legal content and that will move from processes to analytics to actionable cognitive intelligence. The combination of analytics, artificial intelligence and automation will have a disruptive and transformative impact on our industry“.

AI is unique in its ability to extract and apply insights from data in real time. We will enable business’s ability to automate and optimize decisions and actions, and at the same time, deliver ongoing improvements through self-learning and automatic tuning. AI can therefore serve as a powerful tool to evolve business process efficiency and effectiveness, drive new revenue streams and deliver a “wow” customer experience.

Jens, who also is a lawyer continues: “We will lead the trend for all service providers to incorporate AI and our unique process tools, together with machine learning, and cognitive computing into all of their core business processes in order to improve processes relating to customers, networks and operations“.

Lanell drove the creation of the brand narrative as part of the first founding round and Niels Stenfeldt adds; “Aperitia is all about how practical knowledge gained by experience will drive and guide users in the future. Peritia is the Latin word for experience; practical knowledge (gained by experience); expertise; skill and we have then added an “a” for assisted, artificial or augmented in front and this is the name of the next unicorn: aperitia“.

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