Niels Stenfeldt

Niels Stenfeldt is an experienced and successful leader who has led international companies, business units and turnkey projects for over 20 years.

He has a proven track record that includes full P&L responsibility, engineering, development, outsourcing, sales, marketing, finance, partner & channel strategy and operational execution.

Have combined senior leadership roles with a Chairman / NED track. During the last 10 years helped grow a small company to a niche industry leader, partnered with one PE Fund five years ago and led them to an exit in November 2020 with a remarkable return. Rolled with new PE Fund and continues as chairman.

A decisive risk taker and growth leader who enjoys building teams and has deep insight in all core business processes. Currently using these skills as industrial advisor for several PE firms through Lanell. 

Modern leadership style focusing on representing and leading the collective wisdom and experience of colleagues, customers and other stakeholders securing collaborative and accelerated transitions with results. 

Professional styles include a constant focus on identifying ways to improve things and quick quickly getting to the core of any problem through the use of structured problem-solving technics. Trusts intuition to guide judgement and strongly inclined to develop strategies with a long-term view. 

Leads with high energy and passion with exceptional global leadership ability. Strong revenue growth created in all roles through a clear strategic vision for the future growth in sales, services and support combined with deep technical insight in software architecture, system design, development processes and support. Good at finding ways to motivate people and are perceived very inspirational and encouraging to others. 

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