Lanell Equity is a smaller investment fund focused on investing in and developing smaller sized companies. We want to create enduring value and make a real difference as a valuable partner for owners and managers in building world class companies.

In addition we are working with a family of investment funds focused on developing medium sized companies to their full potential. And we only work with funds that have a track-record of consistently generating very strong returns.

The horizon on our investments is longer than many other funds. Our strong belief in sustainability and transparency aligns very well with this long horizon. We bring in relevant advisory teams with extensive international experience in fields such as private equity, consulting, investment banking and various industrial sectors.

Boyum IT Solutions

Boyum IT Solutions is a global award-winning SAP Business One implementation, consultancy and development house with more than 8,000 customers worldwide. Our strong individual skill sets combined with our fast and efficient implementation methodology make us one of the strongest teams in the field.

Founded in Denmark in 1997, Boyum IT has been implementing and supporting ERP Accounting Software for more than 15 years. In 2004, Boyum IT became an authorized Partner for the SAP Business One system and the company is today a certified SAP Gold Partner.

In todays crowded ERP landscape, industry specialization is key to differenciate yourself from other vendors. While customers and partners are looking for industry specific solutions to reduce implementation timescales, costs and total cost of ownership, at Boyum IT we position ourselves as industry experts of industry focused products and solutions for discrete and process industries.

Lanell Equity have been involved in Boyum IT Solutions since 2009 and continued after the exit of Gro Capital and together with Volpi Capital LLC the next chapter of the growth narrative of the Boyum Group is being refined. Niels Stenfeldt serves as chairman for the Boyum IT Solutions.


For more than 17 years, BitPeople has provided products, services and solutions that have helped companies optimize their processes and thereby experience more sustainable growth. And with more than 200 implementations throughout the Nordic region, we are the largest SAP Business One house in Scandinavia. With 17 years in the bag, BitPeople have gained a lot of experience and best practice, which the include in every single implementation. During 2020 and 2021 Lanell was the sole M&A advisor for the aqusition of Acomi in Denmark and Adiles in Norway.

Lanell have been involved in BitPeople since 2009.

ClearView Trade

ClearView Trade have developed a cloud-platform that automates cross-border trade creating export documents, certificates, customs declarations and transport bookings. Everything is built into a single workflow eliminating the need to re-key data and improving compliance.

The mission in ClearView Trade is to digitize international trade, minimize the time and resources companies use to book transportation, complete and manage export documents and certificates. Together with the ISO standardization committee, Peppol and EU e-Delivery working groups, ClearView Trade continuously develop new open UBL standards and a secure infrastructure within transport and logistics. In Denmark the company collaborate with the ICC organizations Danish Chamber of Commerce, Danish Industry, Agriculture and Food, SMVDanmark and Customs & Tax, to offer digitized export declarations and the issuance of certificates of origin and health certificates.

ClearView Trade is a big advocate for the digitalization of International Trade. This means that the platform is constantly up to date with the new systems that are constantly being introduced as digitization takes over.

Lanell was part of founding process of the company in 2014 and still holds its investment Lanell Equity.


Wikifactory is a “social design and production” platform, in a similar vein to how for example youtube is a social video platform, or github a social coding platform.

On Wikifactory anyone can make anything, anywhere. Wikifactory is a fast-growing internet platform on a mission to reshape product development and global supply chains. We’re building The Internet of Production. The company’s social platform enables virtual teams to collaborate, design, prototype, and manufacture products – all from one online workspace.

Wikifactory offers collaboration tools for open-source and proprietary product development. We have a 3D file viewer that supports 30+ CAD formats, and we are plugging in the world’s manufacturing industry into the system. Over 2,500 projects are being developed on the platform by over 70,000 product developers across 190 countries.

The community is growing by 25% month-on-month and projects cover diverse industries such as medical supplies, robotics, drones, electric vehicles, 3D printers, biotech, agri-tech, and smart furniture.

Headquartered in Denmark with offices in Madrid, Shenzhen and Copenhagen.

Lanell Equity became an investor in 2020.