Merry Christmas

One thing I enjoy about the holidays is exchanging cards from friends and family everywhere. In a world gone digital, it’s nice to see the printed word is still a popular way to celebrate and connect.

I recently read sending Christmas cards began in 1611 when one was received by James I of England and his son, the Prince of Wales.

This reminded me of the history of the company where I’m the CEO – Stibo Systems. This company’s story actually began in 1794 as Danish printing house Aarhus Stiftsbogtrykkerie. They worked at first primarily for the Church and the King. But they grew over time, eventually publishing many catalogs. Managing all that data required sophisticated software, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Much has changed since then. Yet, 224 years later, Stibo Systems remain connected to that humble print shop. With a focus on getting the right (master) data to the right places, in the right way.

If they could see today, I know the people of Aarhus Stiftsbogtrykkerie would be as proud as I am. Proud to be part of such a dedicated team, of what we accomplished this year and of the potential we have ahead.

I Boyum-IT where I’m Chairman and we are closing yet another stellar year with significant growth. I’m equally part to be part of this amazing growth journey where we have grown with a factor x18 the last 9 year. And we will continue next year.

And in Clear View Trade we are turning the 1’000 customer mark – a truly amazing result from the Clear View Trade team.

To all who work so hard to stay on the forefront and to everyone we work with to apply common sense to achieve success, I’d like to express my gratitude and wish you all a joyous holiday and a wonderful new year.


How to develop a dataculture

While departing from LA bound for Tokyo I wrote the below a perspective on how to develop a #dataculture within your organization. In this article to Information Age I explain how the process of developing a data culture will inevitably expose some data issues that reveal where there is room for improvement. This is a positive outcome. Next step is to leverage the optimised organisation and monetise the data. Happy reading.

Proving the integration strength of Boyum Solutions

On April 26 2018 Boyum Solutions announced the acqusition of Produmex. Here on June 14th I’mas teh chairman of Boyum Solution proud to announce that our customers now can use the widespread B1UP features in Produmex!

Aarhus, Denmark, June 14th, 2018


Create validations, function buttons, mandatory fields and more – surely we haven’t integrated all versions but with B1UP 2018.06 or higher and Produmex 18.2 or higher you are good to go – who else can do that in less than a month ?

You can read more here.

Boyum IT cements global leading position with new acquisition

Boyum IT Solutions, a global leading Danish SAP Business One Software solutions provider, has once again acquired a foreign company. The new acquisition is Belgian company Produmex, which is part of Boyum IT Solutions from today onwards.


Aarhus, Denmark, April, 26, 2018


In September 2016, Boyum IT Solutions, the world’s leading supplier of software solutions for the ERP system SAP Business One, acquired the Swiss beas Group, a top international provider of manufacturing software for SAP Business One. Boyum IT has now acquired the Belgian company Produmex, which gives them a unique position in the warehouse management market.

Produmex, formerly part of SAP consulting company Movilitas Consulting, specializes in warehouse management. With this acquisition, Boyum IT Solutions expands its portfolio of products for the SAP Business One ERP system in the global SMB segment. With 500 partners in 92 countries, Boyum IT Solutions has been building the industry’s largest customer base since 2004, and the acquisition of Produmex creates opportunities in a brand new market, with the ability to offer a complete solution for complex inventory management.

The acquisition of beas Group earned Boyum IT Solutions an extremely strong position in the manufacturing market. ”Similarly, the acquisition of Produmex ensures that we can now offer our customers a complete solution for inventory management. Produmex is a large global solution provider within the SAP Business One community, and by welcoming their team and products into the Boyum fold, we will strengthen our market- leading position. These two products complement each other perfectly, and the combination enables us to provide our partners with the comprehensive solution they require. All in all, we are very pleased with this transaction and the merger of the two companies”, says Mikael Boyum, CEO and founder of the Boyum Group.

“Joining forces with Boyum IT Solutions just makes strategic sense’’, says Kris Adriaenssens CEO and founderof Produmex. ‘’Combining our teams and world leading supply chain and manufacturing solutions provides our partners with the competitive edge to compete in the fierce ERP landscape to their customer’s advantage.’’

The Danish technology-focused private equity fund, GRO Capital, invested in Boyum IT Solutions in connection with the acquisition of the beas Group, and the strengthening of Boyum IT Solutions is fully aligned with their strategy for Boyum IT Solutions.

Boyum IT Solutions provides software solutions for the continued global digitalization of small and medium- sized businesses. ‘We have had an eye on Produmex for a while, as with it we will achieve a unique position in the manufacturing business segment, in which customers often also need a warehouse management solution. With an overall market growth of 10% p.a., the growth potential of each of Boyum’s individual software solutions is attractive, but the combination of beas and Produmex will be very strong in the SAP Business One market, and will hopefully accelerate the growth of Boyum IT Solutions’, comments Lars Lunde, partner in GRO Capital.

The acquisition of Produmex brings Boyum IT Solutions 50 new employees – the total number of employees in the Solutions part of the company is now over 100. In the last fiscal year, Boyum IT Group realized a revenue of just over DKK 100 million.

SAP Awards – Boyum Solutions did it again!

As Chairman at Boyum Solutions I’m honored to share the news that yesterday the company received the SAP Global Solution Partner of the Year 2017 and the People’s Choice 2017 awards during the SMB Innovation Summit in Orlando.

Thank you all for your cooperation and the trust placed in our team and solutions! We will continue to work minding your feedback, and always in order to help grow your business faster and easier.

Read more here

Boyum Solutions open new office in Miami

csm_new_office_in_Miami__Florida_276c2b380aNorth America is one of Boyum IT Solutions’ key markets and it is important for Boyum Solutions to offer the partners and customers more availability and resources in this region.

The American manufacturing market is on the upswing, and reshoring is bringing production back to the US. In this growth environment we wish to expand Boyum software through cooperation with our trusted partners.

Clearview Trade tager endnu et stort skridt fremad

Det er fornøjelse at læse Børsen idag, som skriver hvordan danske eksportchefer kan nu vinke farvel til kopimaskiner, scannere, papircertifikater, ventetid og koncentrere sig om at optimere salg og markedsføring til nye eksportmarkeder.

Den danske eksport bliver nu digitaliseret med Dansk Industri i front, og det vil gøre det langt lettere og billigere for danske virksomheder at nå ud til fjerne og nye markeder.

På samme måde som Mærsk og IBM gennem blockchain-teknologi vil revolutionere logistikmarkedet, kan digitaliseringen af dansk eksport blive en gamechanger, mener parterne.

Efter halvandets års forberedelse har Clearview Trade nu gennem sin cloud-baserede platform Eksportportalen fået digitaliseret eksportområdet og alle fire danske erhvervsorganisationer, Dansk Erhverv, Dansk Industri, Landbrug & Fødevarer og SMVDanmark har købt løsningen.

Den danske virksomhed Clearview skal stå for digitaliseringen, og topchef Morten Jensen Øllgaard ser sig selv som del af en global digitaliseringsbølge, der har til hensigt at ændre verden til det bedre.

“Vi er jo en del af samme internationale strømning, som vi ser forene Mærsk og IBM og deres blockchain-baserede logistik-partnerskab. Det er nemlig dyrt og besværligt at eksportere, og alt er hidtil blevet ordnet manuelt. Dvs. stempler, udprintning, scanning, attestering osv. Nu digitaliserer vi hele dette dokument-flow,” lyder det fra Clearview-topchefen, som for godt halvandet år siden spurgte en række danske virksomheder om deres oplevelse med bureaukratiet, der traditionelt har fulgt med det at eksportere henover mange landegrænser.

De blev helt blanke i øjnene, når vi spurgte ind til dette her problem med eksport-bureaukrati. International handel er meget fragmenteret og en tung og langsommelig affære, konstaterer Clearview-bossen, der også ser et mål i sig selv at frigøre ressourcer hos virksomhederne.”

Hvis en nordjysk radarfabrikant vil ud på verdensmarkedet, kan vi strømline al dokumentflow og certifikater, undgå overkapacitet og gennem digitalisering gøre en organisation langt mere smidig og effektiv,” fortæller Morten Jensen Øllgaard.

Læs mere i Børsen.