Boyum Solutions Cloud Apps

With the development of Boyum cloud applications, Boyum have today started their internal and external communication to inform partners about these upcoming innovations and to get valuable feedback.

Today, they are several steps ahead, making significant progress, and are proud to have already released 3 powerful role-based cloud applications that continue growing and evolving. Therefore, Boyum today takes the opportunity of re-branding and positioning their products Build, Produce and Inspect as well as future products as standalone cloud applications. All of these products will be part of a product family that we call Cloud Apps.

Website content that was previously available on has already been moved to the site. Check out the new pages here! Marketing, sales and pre-sales resources are still available through their Marketing Resource Hub, you can find them under the product names Build, Produce and Inspect.

This re-branding is an important step for the right positioning of the Cloud Apps as well as for achieving the strategic goals.

Lanell suggest to listen to the latest podcasts and learn more about the cloud apps BuildProduce and Inspect, which target group they serve and the problems they can solve.

Lanell is a proud investor in Boyum-Solutions.

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