Merry Christmas

One thing I enjoy about the holidays is exchanging cards from friends and family everywhere. In a world gone digital, it’s nice to see the printed word is still a popular way to celebrate and connect.

I recently read sending Christmas cards began in 1611 when one was received by James I of England and his son, the Prince of Wales.

This reminded me of the history of the company where I’m the CEO – Stibo Systems. This company’s story actually began in 1794 as Danish printing house Aarhus Stiftsbogtrykkerie. They worked at first primarily for the Church and the King. But they grew over time, eventually publishing many catalogs. Managing all that data required sophisticated software, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Much has changed since then. Yet, 224 years later, Stibo Systems remain connected to that humble print shop. With a focus on getting the right (master) data to the right places, in the right way.

If they could see today, I know the people of Aarhus Stiftsbogtrykkerie would be as proud as I am. Proud to be part of such a dedicated team, of what we accomplished this year and of the potential we have ahead.

I Boyum-IT where I’m Chairman and we are closing yet another stellar year with significant growth. I’m equally part to be part of this amazing growth journey where we have grown with a factor x18 the last 9 year. And we will continue next year.

And in Clear View Trade we are turning the 1’000 customer mark – a truly amazing result from the Clear View Trade team.

To all who work so hard to stay on the forefront and to everyone we work with to apply common sense to achieve success, I’d like to express my gratitude and wish you all a joyous holiday and a wonderful new year.


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