Happy New Year

Last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And this year’s words await another voice.

In 2020 Danes learned to say ‘samfundssind’ that as such do not have a English translation yet it speaks to how we are supposed to behave in ‘the spirit of the greater good’.

Now ‘Greater good’ was defined by Aristotle in terms of a communally shared happiness, whose key constituents were wisdom, virtue and pleasure. Unfortunately 2020 was the year where wisdom was replaced by politics and pleasure and virtue was all about promoting the individual greatness of our politicians.

A new year is a powerful occasion where we can reflect on our learnings from the past and our hopes for the future.

Let us in 2021 listen to the wisdom of our health care workers repeating that the root course of a stretched health care system is weak management, poor political prioritization and lack of willingness to listen to the front line for decades. Not Covid-19.

And I hope for all in the travel and hospitality industry that wisdow will prove that; it is not who we are or where we are – it is how we behave where we are. This will also benefit our climate.

Let 2021 be the year where we hear the voice of wisdom that provides facts – not the voice of politicians that spread fear.

At Lanell & Stenfeldt Capital 2020 was a very good year with a record result and a strong development in the portfolio companies.

And in 2021 we will prove that wisdom is far better than politics.

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