BitPeople A/S completes the acqusition of Adiles AS with support from Lanell

Buying a company outside Denamrk with travel restrictions is not easy. So today, Lanell is pleased to announce the completion of the acqusition Lanell have been working on for BitPeople A/S.

With the acquisition of Adiles AS, the IT consulting house BitPeople continues its Nordic acquisition strategy and thus becomes an even stronger player in the Nordic market. At the same time, we at BitPeople can now offer local service and expertise in the western part of Norway with the company’s new office in Bergen.

The financial statements for 2020 have not yet been completed for BitPeople, but the company will continue in 2021 in the same high gear with new customers and another acquisition. It is only half a year ago that BitPeople acquired Danish Acomi, and this merger has proceeded according to plan.

Last year was an eventful year for the company’s major shareholder Mikael Boyum. The sister company Boyum IT Solutions entered into a partnership with English Volpi Capital and before that, BitPeople had undergone a name change and the hiring of a new Nordic director. “So yes, it has been an eventful year. All changes must be anchored, and we have simultaneously had to navigate with the influences from Covid-19, but the board and management have kept their eyes firmly on our customers and towards integration and hiring new employees – this is where value is created, and we close 2020 with solid growth – both organic and non-organic “, says Mikael Boyum.

The acquisition of Adiles takes place 10 years after BitPeople made its first acquisition in Norway. At the time, it was the SMB Group in Oslo and it is this platform that is now being further consolidated. But buying with travel restrictions is not easy. Niels Stenfeldt from the company’s board and CEO in Lanell has been in charge of this acquisition and states “We have not met each other physically in this process – everything has taken place in video meetings and emails. But we can not sit down and wait for a vaccine to save us; we have to adapt our way of working, but it will be a little strange to celebrate a signature with champagne via Teams ”, concludes Niels Stenfeldt.

Adiles has many years of experience in offering ERP solutions to small and medium-sized companies and Geir Heggertveit and Jan Gerhard Nilsen, who have headed Adiles, are both looking forward to the future and comment on the new joint activities: “We look forward for Adiles to become part of something bigger, and I see BitPeople as the right buyer compared to our original strategy. With the larger company, both parties get access to critical mass on solutions, customers and employees. In other words, we get more competent pieces that we can bring into play to become the ERP partner that gives the customer the best experience. Thus, the change of ownership will not lead to significant changes for our customers ”.

With the acquisition of Adiles, BitPeople expands the product catalog for the company’s customers and BitPeople’s Nordic director, Filip B. Andersen, is also incredibly happy. “With the acquisition of Adiles, we are even stronger because the two companies have competencies that complement each other and match customers’ requirements and needs further,” says Filip, who is very optimistic about 2021 and continues. “We are very happy to welcome the employees from Adiles, who all continue their work with us. Together with the rest of our talented team, we are extremely well positioned to create additional value for our customers in the coming years ”.

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